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Statewide: Mom turns grief into advocacy

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Brenda Protz lost her daughter, Jenna, three years ago this month. The 14 year old from Vandalia was riding in a car with her grandparents and her best friend, Holly Lidy, when another driver struck them head-on, killing all four.

Protz has made it her mission to call attention to distracted driving and advocate for victims' families. Her story and more on Statewide.

This week:

* Chris Kaergard of the Dirksen Congressional Center in Pekin explains the bipartisan effort to handle the Cuban Missile Crisis.

* Jennifer Fuller of WSIU interviews Jenny Pape of Miss Jenny and the Howdy Boys about a new album that tells the tales of the region known as "Little Egypt."

* Maureen McKinney sits down with Brenda Protz, whose daughter died in a car accident three years ago. Protz is raising awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.

* Rachel Yang reports on a plant that some farmers and scientists believe could be the grain of the future.

* Ryan Denham has details on an effort by electric vehicle maker Rivian to go against a federal law prohibiting employers from forcing arbitration in cases of on-the-job sexual harassment of assault.

* Sarah Nardi bring us the story of new recommendations for breastfeeding.