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Statewide: As newspapers change, many turn to the mail for delivery

newspaper folded

The way we get our news has changed. Not long ago, the print versions of newspapers were the dominant source for local news. Now, many turn to online sources and social media. The change has forced newspapers to adapt. Several have turned to the mail for home delivery as a way to save money.

An expert with Northwestern's Local News Initiative joins us to talk about the shift.


* Marissanne Lewis Thompson reports on an effort to restore the former Washington Theater in Quincy.

* We listen back to a profile of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Chicago and its role in the development of gospel music.

The Ebenezer Baptist Church
Will Loftus/WXPN
The Ebenezer Baptist Church

* Lisa Kurian Philip reports on colleges and university money for Black students and how some schools have made it less of a priority.

* Morgan Watkins goes in the field to find Narcan, which can reverse opioid overdoses. It was made available over the counter last year.

* Tim Franklin with the Medill School of Journalism talks with Joe Deacon about newspapers moving to mail delivery.

* Emily Hays reports on two Decatur buildings that began to fall apart last year.

* Kevin Boucher speaks with avian ecologist Dr. Jeff Hoover with the Prairie Research Institute about birds adapting the the cold.

* Eric Schmid has details on communities along the Mississippi River turning to each other to help with climate change.