WIUM Tristates Public Radio

Just an update....

Staff members are frequently asked about what is happening at the station.  Here are some answers to common questions we hear.


With a new WIU Board of Trustees and new WIU administration, has your funding been restored?

No, TSPR has received no direct financial support from WIU as of March 1, 2019.  There is no financial support budgeted for this new fiscal year. We do continue to receive in-kind support in the form of space and support services (i.e. accounting, janitorial, etc).


Is the new WIU Board of Trustees and administration open to reinstating funding?

The short answer to this question is we don’t know. Everyone is new to their positions.  

The long answer is that WIU is still faces fiscal challenges.  However, if any funding is to be reinstated, the new BOT and administration need to hear from the public about why and how TSPR is important to the communities the station serves.


How is TSPR doing now that you are independent? 

TSPR continues to be part of Western Illinois University.  Western Illinois holds our broadcast license. While WIU does not supply any direct monetary assistance, they still provide significant in-kind support.  We benefit from space and access to support staff/services through our affiliation with WIU

How has your fundraising been going?

Fiscal Year 2019 was our most successful fundraising year ever!  Thank you to all of our donors for your support! This past fiscal year we raised more than $500,000 because of our listeners’ strong support.  But we must continue to raise money at this level annually to continue programming at its current level and to remain eligible for CPB funding (we must have 5 full-time employees paid for with non-federal funds.)


What has this successful fundraising year provided?

The success of last year has provided the staff time to consider a sustainable plan for the station’s future while still providing our listeners the programming they love with limited interruptions or changes.


What are the station’s plans for the future?

We are considering several options.   The staff is working hard to be good stewards of our listeners’ money while considering a long-term future for the station.  We want to make sure TSPR is available now and years from now.


Is there a time-line for a sustainable plan?

We hope there will be additional information to share by the end of the calendar year.


Are there plans to replace departed staff members?

There are currently seven staff members at TSPR.  Each remaining staff member has taken on additional responsibilities to ensure the station continues to operate and that required tasks are completed.  Until a long-term plan is developed for the station and it is determined what positions are needed, there is no plan to replace staff members who have left TSPR.  However, this is re-evaluated as individuals leave the station.


Are there plans to change station programming?

We have no plans to change programming at this time.  Our listeners have responded strongly to our funding loss and we have negotiated discounts for many programs for the next fiscal year.  However, a long-term sustainability plan and future fundraising success might affect programming choice


How can I help?

  • Become a member or increase your membership to TSPR.
  • Become a sustaining member.
  • Respectfully communicate to the new WIU Administration and Board of Trustees why TSPR is important to you and your community.
  • Tell a friend about TSPR.
  • Encourage a friend who listens to become a member.