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Alderman Says "Electric Aggregation" Could Lower Electric Rates

MACOMB, IL – A Macomb alderman said the city could negotiate lower electric rates for the city's electricity consumers.

The fifth-ward's Dave Dorsett said the city could act as an agent on behalf of its electricity users. He said some cities that buy power in aggregate see 20% lower rates.

Dorsett is not sure if Macomb residents are aware of the opportunity.

He said, "The first thing is we haven't heard any kind of groundswell that says 'yeah, this is something we want to pursue.' Referenda is not a step we take lightly here. So we would like to hear something from our constituents."

He said many consumers are getting mailings that tell them they can buy their power from different providers. He said "electric aggregation" would allow the city to use its volume of electricity usage to get even lower rates than consumers can get individually.

Dorsett said the city would put the idea before voters as a referendum. If voters approve it, the city would negotiate a contract with one provider.

He encourages the city's electricity consumers to contact their aldermen or the mayor before next Monday night's city council meeting.