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Mar 5, 2012


Warsaw could be forced to borrow money to get by while it waits for reimbursements from the state of Illinois.

Mayor Gary Treatch says the state owes the city $52,000.  That represents five months worth of late payments.

He says Warsaw’s general fund is down to @$22,000, which would not cover March payroll.

Treatch says the city could be forced to borrow money against its future property tax revenue to get by until the state catches up.

He says the maximum Warsaw could borrow would be roughly $125,000.



It now costs a little more to travel from Iowa to Illinois via the Fort Madison bridge.

BNSF Railway has increased the tolls for almost all vehicles by $1.  Drivers of cars and pick-up trucks will now pay $2/trip.

The only exception is for motorcycle drivers.  They will now be charged $1 after paying $0.50 for years.



The Keokuk City Council has agreed to remove two sets of traffic signals near Wells-Carey Elementary, which is slated to close in a few months.

The removal is part of a street repair project scheduled for this summer in that area.

The school district plans to maintain a bus stop on the Wells-Carey property so it is requesting stop signs be installed to replace the signals.

The city council has agreed to place stop signs on 9th Street at its intersection with Timea Street and on Timea at its intersection with 10th Street.



Warsaw could spread an upgrade of its water system out over several years.

The city has installed 200 new water meters.  There are now 600 more to go.

The new radio frequency meters make inspections and data collection easier.

The water department says the 600 meters will cost about $100,000.

Spreading out the purchases over three years would reduce the upfront financial commitment.