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Burlington Schools Could Alter Boundaries

Mar 15, 2012

The Burlington School District wants to balance its elementary school enrollment.

The administration says nearly 200 students attend an elementary school that is outside of their neighborhood.

Superintendent Jane Evans says this is likely the result of families moving within the city but choosing to remain a part of their previous school. 

She says the district wants to balance the enrollment at its five elementary schools: Blackhawk, Corse, Grimes, North Hill and Sunnyside.

Evans says that process begins with Burlington asking parents or guardians to move their students to their neighborhood school.  She says transportation would be provided.

Evans says the district also wants to shift the boundaries between North Hill Elementary and Blackhawk Elementary.  She says North Hill has too many students while Blackhawk has too few.

Evans says the district’s population is focused in the center of town.  She says that means a slight shift in the boundary line would allow roughly 100 students to move to Blackhawk this fall.

The change would affect elementary school students living between Curran Street and Central Avenue from Division to Agency Streets.

Evans says public hearings will be held on March 21 to explain the proposals before the Burlington School Board votes on the plan.

Letters are being sent out for families affected by the potential changes.

Evans says this will not impact middle school students as the boundary lines for Aldo Leopold and the new Edward Stone schools are in line with necessary populations.