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Burlington Seeking New Bids for Pool Project

Jul 7, 2019

The Burlington City Council agreed to re-bid some large-scale improvements proposed for the city’s pool in Dankwardt Park. The improvements must be completed before the city can begin installation of a large "bubble" around the pool.

The Southeast Iowa Swim Club asked the city more than a year ago about the idea of adding the bubble to the pool to allow for year-round swimming. The club said it would raise the money to purchase and install the bubble.

Parks Director Eric Tysland said some work must be completed at the pool before the bubble can be installed. 

“The improvement project includes deck and footing work around the pool, pool house improvements for year-round use, and related utility improvements [mechanical, plumbing, electrical],” said Tysland. “All of which is needed to support the bubble and year-round use of the pool.”

This is the second time the project has gone out for public bid.

Tysland said the first time around, the lone bid came in at about $570,000. He said the city ended up rejecting the bid because the swim club did not have that much money. 

Tysland said the scope of the project has since been scaled back to a possibly more manageable price tag of about $400,000.  He said they scaled back the estimated cost by changing the support structure for the bubble and the insulation used at the pool house.

Bids are due July 23.

Tysland said the city will not award a contract unless it's assured that the swim club has the money to pay for the improvements to the pool. 

“The city has no funds budgeted for this project,” said Tysland.