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Bustos Votes to Spend Another $3 Trillion

May 21, 2020
Originally published on May 19, 2020 4:24 pm

Moline Congresswoman Cheri Bustos is promoting the Heroes Act after it passed in the House late last week. 

She says $915 billion of the $3 trillion package is designed to help states, counties, and cities survive the coronavirus pandemic.

"That's significant relief for them when tax revenue is down, and they're facing layoffs and budget cuts."

If the Senate approves it, Illinois would receive about $36 billion under the plan. 

In addition to providing livestock producers emergency funds after being forced to euthanize animals, the Heroes Act includes $16 billion for lost revenue in renewable fuels, such as ethanol.

She says renewable fuels plants have had to close, and many are producing less than half their normal ouput.

There are seven ethanol plants in her district alone. 

Bustos has also received news that Thomson Prison will not be one of the federal prisons where inmates will be quarantined.

The latest funding bill includes $200 million for prisons, to help pay for testing, personal protective equipment, and other needs related to COVID-19.

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