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Cold Should Not Affect Corn Planting

Apr 15, 2014

The snow and freezing temperatures this week in the tri-state region should not have much of an impact on local corn planting.

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Bob Dodds with Iowa State University Extension says most local farmers target April 20 for getting into their corn fields.  He says it depends on the soil temperature, with ideal conditions being around 55 degrees.

Dodds says local fields exceeded that last week.

He says that and the likely brief duration of this cold snap will prevent soil temperatures from dipping enough to affect planting plans.

“As soon as we warm up again," says Dodds, "I think next week, hopefully, we will see more normal temperatures and I think you will see a lot of corn planters in the field.”

Dodds also says the snow and freezing temperatures should not harm the few test acres of corn that have been planted by a handful of farmers.

He says the soil is in relatively good shape now, but will need steady rain throughout the year.