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Contract Talks Begin for SCC, Faculty

Dec 6, 2013

Contract talks are getting underway between Southeastern Community College and members of its faculty.

The Southeastern Community College Higher Education Association's initial one-year offer to the college calls for almost every provision of the current contract to remain in place.

There are three exceptions, though, including the organization seeking a 5.5% increase in salary and benefits and the elimination of  supplemental pay for certain assignments.

The SCCHEA also wants to make it easier for members who are terminated through a reduction in force (RIF) to return to work at the college.

These workers would have the ability to bump a “less-senior” employee from their job if the terminated worker is also qualified for it.

The college is scheduled to provide its initial contract offer on Thursday, Dec. 12.  Negotiations would then proceed behind closed doors.

The current contract between SCC and members of its faculty runs through June 30, 2014.