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A Cornucopia Of Local Foods

Macomb, IL – The Macomb Farmer's Market ends this week. But it won't be the final chance to buy local foods.

A venture with the working title "A Cornucopia Of Local Foods" will begin operating on October 29. It will be open on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 to 6:00. The location is Taylor Hall, 125 S Randolph St on Macomb's Courthouse Square.

Debby Dallefeld of West Prairie Farm says several producers will join together to offer local beef, homemade noodles, and baked goods. The idea is to pick-up where the farmer's market leaves off.

Dallefeld also says it's designed to continue serving customers established through the farmer's market and to continue promoting local producers. She says it's a chance for consumers to know "where things are made and where things are grown. It's a chance to know the local farmer and the local baker."

Those involved with "A Cornucopia Of Local Foods" include West Prairie Farm, Hoover Family Fresh Harvest & Bakery, and Connie's Sweetery. Homemade noodles will also be available. Dallefeld hopes some producers will also be able to offer fall vegetables.

Dallefeld says the venture will continue until December 17. Organizers will then assess whether to return after the holidays.

The Worldwatch Institute says the local foods movement has exploded in recent years. It says local ingredients are showing up everywhere from school cafeterias to restaurant menus. It says part of the appeal is better tasting food. Local foods are also attractive because they keep money in the local economy.

The Worldwatch Institute says it is an independent research organization recognized by opinion leaders around the world for its accessible, fact-based analysis of critical global issues. Its mission is to generate and promote insights and ideas that empower decision makers to build an ecologically sustainable society that meets human needs.

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