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Donnellson Accused of Breach of Contract

May 18, 2017

A Lee County man is suing the city of Donnellson for breach of contract.  Jason Dunagan said in a lawsuit filed this month that the city offered him the job of police chief in early March. He said his employment was to last five years.

Dunagan said he was told by city representatives at that time that he would have to quit the job he held in order to take over as police chief. The lawsuit does not state where Dunagan was working and his attorney declined to comment.

Dunagan said he did what the city asked and quit his job. But he said after only a couple days on the job in Donnellson, he was let go as police chief.

Dunagan claims the city breached a verbal contract, prompting him to seek undisclosed compensation for damages. He is seeking a jury trial.

Dunagan is a former member of the Keokuk Police Department.

The city of Donnellson does not have a police chief. It is currently working on an agreement to share a police chief with West Point.