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Downtown Macomb Transformed into a Public Art Gallery

Jun 20, 2016

Macomb has been known for its historic downtown square for years. Some new changes have been added to the scenery. 10 sculptures have been installed around downtown Macomb to give the town an updated look. Some of the sculptures even have a bit of a futuristic look to them.


"Tail Wind" By: Matt Myers
Credit Breanna Descourouez

Matt Myers, artist of this sculpture, said if it were up to him, his pieces wouldn't have titles. This sculpture would simply be called, "Horse." But instead it's called, "Tail Wind," and can be seen at the City Center Bus Transfer Station.

"Hidden" By: Matt Myers
Credit Breanna Descourouez

Located on the northwest corner of the courthouse square, this woman has already caught the eye of many people. This piece has received the most feedback. Some people have been concerned over her breasts being exposed. Myers said he creates things he wants to have.  

Everyone pitching in to help with the sculpture installations.
Credit Breanna Descourouez

Duke Oursler, who came up with the idea for the exhibit, said he received help from a few sources to make it possible:

  • Wayland Ready-Mix, which donated all of the concrete blocks that sculptures now stand on.
  • Laverdiere Construction, which provided machinery needed to install the sculptures 

"Fly Away Home" By: Andrew Arvanetes
Credit Breanna Descourouez

Andrew Arvanetes came from Chicago to install his piece. He said he created this piece, and named it "Fly Away Home," to remind himself to go back home in the midst of all his travel. He said everyone interprets art in there own way and that most people see this piece as a Segway wrapped in tin foil. Arvanetes' piece is located on the square's northeast corner, across the street from West Central Illinois Arts Center.

Duke Oursler helping drill Arvanetes' sculpture in place.
Credit Breanna Descourouez

Oursler, a sculpture professor at Western Illinois University, said the exhibit is a great way for the Macomb community to come together and experience culture. Oursler said if people talk about the work, good or bad, he has done his job.

"Night Empress" By: Jaci Willis
Credit Breanna Descourouez

Jaci Willis' "Night Empress" grabbed peoples attention as it was being installed. One woman was driving by and yelled over the noise to tell the artist it was her favorite piece she had seen. Willis' piece is located across the street from her previously made piece, "Facing the Storm," located in Chandler Park.

"Untitled" By: Kevin Casey
Credit Breanna Descourouez

Artist Kevin Casey did not know what to title this piece, but said he likes to incorporate movement in all of this pieces. This piece is located at the Amtrak station. 

"Discovery" By: Fisher Stolz
Credit Breanna Descourouez

Fisher Stolz was selected as the juror for this exhibition. He said due to the lack of exposure and artists for this go-around, he submitted a piece for the show. This piece is located across the street from Chandler Park.

"White Knight" By: Charles Wright
Credit Breanna Descourouez

This sculpture is located on the southeast corner of the downtown square near Sullivan Taylor Coffee House.

"Black Widow" By: Charles Wright
Credit Breanna Descourouez

This piece is located on the downtown square's southwest corner, right across the parking lot from Chicks.

"Appurtenance" By: Matt Moyer
Credit Breanna Descourouez

This sculpture is located just outside the Macomb Public Library.

Each sculpture is on sale as a part of the exhibition. In one year, the sculptures will be replaced with new ones.