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Election 2017 - Fort Madison Mayor - Chris Sorrentino

Oct 20, 2017

Two people are running for Mayor of Fort Madison: Incumbent Brad Randolph and challenger Chris Sorrentino. Sorrentino said he entered the race because he's not happy about the direction of the city.

Sorrentino said he does not believe that city leaders are listening to residents and that the trust residents have for city government continues to erode. He said that would change if he is elected because he said he will listen to residents and work to resolve their concerns.

Sorrentino said he would even look into moving the date/time of city council meetings to make it more convenient for residents to attend, adding that the entire city needs to be involved in moving Fort Madison forward.

Sorrentino said he believes the city should devote more resources to the police and fire departments and to upkeep of existing parks and streets, not toward new parks or other recreational opportunities. And he believes Fort Madison should back away from the depot project for the time being because it will not generate revenue for the city.

Early voting is underway in Fort Madison ahead of the November 7 general election.