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Election 2017 - Keokuk Mayor - Tom Richardson

Oct 20, 2017

Four people running to be the next mayor of Keokuk: Carl Morgan, Tom Richardson, Patricia Whiteside, and Dan Winn.  Richardson said he entered the race because he loves the city and is ready to work for its residents.

**NOTE - Richardson spoke with Tri States Public Radio prior to the most recent vote by the Keokuk City Council to tear down the former Unitarian Church.**

Richardson said he wants to see Keokuk succeed because he's lived in the city almost his entire life. He said he has the time to commit to serving the city after recently retiring following a 38-year business career.

Richardson touts his experience serving in leadership roles for many civic and professional organizations, even lobbying in Washington D.C. He said he's also a people person who is willing to talk to and listen to anyone.

Richardson believes Keokuk's mayor should actively promote the city and set the agenda and direction for the city council.  The position will be funded for ten hours per week starting in January.  He said that seems proper, though he said he would work much more than that on behalf of the city.

Richardson said it is important for the city to continue working to address dilapidated buildings and vacant properties. He said that is critical to community attitude, the city's outside perception, economic development, and quality of life.

Early voting is underway in Keokuk ahead of the November 7 general election.

Current Mayor Tom Marion is not running for re-election.