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Election - Kim Wyatt - Keokuk School Board

Sep 4, 2015

Keokuk residents have nine people to choose from on Tues., Sept. 8 to fill four seats on the school board. Kim Wyatt said she offers something the other candidates do not: current classroom experience.

Wyatt teaches in the Hamilton School District. She said that's an advantage because she has seen what works and what does not work in that district and can bring the best ideas to the Keokuk School Board.

Wyatt said she's been attending school board meetings for the last twelve months.

"I just feel that we need some change on the board," said Wyatt. "I can bring a lot of my professional experience and knowledge to the board and I think that would be an asset for the board. I can bring a lot of additional information and resources to the board to help our district continue to improve."

Wyatt said two strengths of the Keokuk district come to mine.  One is the Professional Learning Community system, which allows teachers to collaborate with their peers and develop improved working conditions.

The other is the K-Pride system, which promotes positive behaviors by students.

"District data is showing that because of those efforts, positive behaviors from students are increasing," said Wyatt. "It's also promoting a positive learning environment, which fosters learning."

Wyatt said one of the greatest challenges facing the district is open enrollment.

"As a board member, I would like to work with the administration to specifically identify reasons why students are open-enrolling out and I would like to work with community stakeholders to work collaboratively to work to bring the students home."

Wyatt said the district did not go far enough when it sent out a survey to find out why so many children are open enrolling out of Keokuk. She also said the district should look at sharing faculty and staff with other districts on a case-by-case basis.

Wyatt said if she's elected she will seek to add another school board meeting each month and to hold workshops to allow more time to discuss tough issues.

She would also seek to have the school board meetings televised to improve access accountability.