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Energy-Efficiency at Culver-Stockton College

Jan 20, 2014

Culver-Stockton College is confident a nearly $4-million infrastructure overhaul will have a positive impact on both the environment and the college's bottom line.

The upgrades should save the college about $375,000 annually

Energy-efficiency upgrades are currently underway throughout the campus in Canton, Mo.

Joe Liesen, who is Executive Director of Administrative Systems and Services, says a few of the 22 on-campus buildings will receive new heating and cooling units.

He says a majority of them will also get new light bulbs and fixtures, which are already making a difference.

"For example, when I walk into my building and I open the door into the hallway, the hallway is dark," says Liesen.  "And then as I step in, 'boom,' the lights come on and so the occupancy sensors are really cool."

He says the upgrades should save the college about $375,000 annually, which will be used to help pay for the work.

The college says this project will also reduce its carbon footprint by nearly 5-million pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Most of the work should be completed within the next few months.