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Farm Bill in Limbo

Sep 18, 2012

Congress has less than two weeks  to act before the current farm bill expires.

Dozens of federal programs are included in the bill -- everything from  crop insurance to food aid for the poor.

Spending on food aid is one of the reasons that House Republican leaders have refused  to call the measure for a vote. U-S Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) is among  many farm-state politicians of both parties who have been  critical of that decision.

“There is a Tea Party group in the Republican caucus that is hell-bent on eliminating nutrition programs and food-stamp programs at a time when many working families are struggling to keep groceries on the table,” Durbin said.

House  Republicans  passed a more limited, temporary measure mainly intended to  help  livestock producers. But Democrats -- and many farm-state  Republicans -- say it's not enough.

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