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First Responder Courses Offered At Local Campus

Feb 2, 2015

Horn Field Campus will team up with Wilderness Medical Associates to teach people how to handle emergencies in remote settings. 

For 22 years, Horn Field campus has been one of only two locations in Illinois to hold the first responder courses. 

Horn Field Campus Will Host The Training Courses
Credit TSPR

One is a recertification course for three days. The other is eight days long and focuses on real-life emergency situations. 

Horn Field Campus Coordinator Mindy Pheiffer said the courses are taught by professionals from all over the country and are very "hands-on."

"These seminars help them decide what to do if there is an emergency. How can they handle it with the things they have at hand, and how to they get people out of the backwoods in an efficient manner without making the problem worse," Pheiffer said.

The courses will be held March 14 - 22.  The recertification course is slated for March 23 - 25.  

The registration fee is is $700.