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Fort Madison School Adding Gravel

Nov 8, 2012

The Fort Madison School District is getting ready to address a safety concern.

Superintendent Ken Marang (MUH-rang) says sidewalks are needed around the new Middle School and along 48th Street near the school.

Students who walk to and from nearby homes and apartments simply walk in the streets because of a lack of sidewalks.

Marang says the district ran out of time to add the sidewalks while the district was getting the new middle school ready for the current year.

He is hesitant to go out for bids on sidewalks now, though, because with construction season coming to an end, the bids will be much higher.

“It brings us to what we are going to do about this,” says Marang.  “We are going to lay some heavy gravel in all of the places where we would otherwise put in a sidewalk as a fix for the winter months so youngsters would have a place to walk out of the road.”

Marang says the gravel could be laid within a few days, if not sooner.  He says the cost has yet to be determined.

Marang says he should have the designs for the sidewalks in place soon, which will allow him to present them to the Fort Madison School Board later this month.

The city will pay for a portion of the project because the sidewalk would be placed on city property.