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Fundraising Campaign Benefits Small Businesses in Macomb

Jul 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is hurting the bottom line of many small businesses. So a Macomb couple suggested an idea to help those businesses.

Mayor Mike Inman said Laura and Ritchie Gabbei contacted his office, inquiring as to what they could do.  After talking about it a bit, the couple worked with the Macomb Community Foundation to start a fundraising campaign. 

Donors could ask for their money to go to a specific business or several of them. The Foundation maintained the fund for the campaign, which brought in $4,850.

Inman said he visited 15 businesses with Foundation President Jodi Pospeschil this past week to give them the money. 

“What an opportunity it was to go to these business owners and say ‘Hey. We’re giving you a check. Not (from) the city - these are individuals that believe so much in what you do and in small business in our community that they’re willing to give money out of their pocket to help you keep your doors open,’” said Inman.

The money went to:

  • Bold Brew House
  • Chick’s on the Square
  • Chubby’s
  • CMK Jewelers and Repair
  • Community News Brief
  • Discount Furniture and Bedding
  • Forgottonia Brewing
  • Gelsosomo’s Pizzeria
  • Jackson Street Pub
  • New Copperfield’s Book Service
  • Nostalgia on the Square
  • Sullivan Taylor Coffee House
  • Vitale’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • The Wine Sellers
  • The Whytehouse