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Future Bright at Discovery Depot

Feb 9, 2015

A renovation project paid off for the Discovery Depot in Galesburg.

The children’s museum went under a $1 million dollar upgrade in 2013. The project included renovations to the exterior and interior along with the installation of 26 new exhibits.

Ferris Junction is one of the exhibits added to the Discovery Depot after renovations in 2013.
Credit T.J. Carson

Executive Director Denise Bradburn said the renovations helped the museum become a "player" in the city.

“This is one of our biggest steps forward.  We spent more money on this step into our future than when we first initially purchased the building and renovated it at that time,” Bradburn said.

Bradburn said numbers at the museum have greatly increased since it completed the renovations.

“We have tripled over revenues coming through the door, which helps give us greater sustainability and move forward into the future.  We have quadrupled the number of memberships that we have," Bradburn said.

She also said an estimated 9.7% of visitors come from out-of-state.

Bradburn said the museum is considering whether to expand into parts of the building that remain unused.