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Galesburg Chamber Survey Ahead of Presidential Visit

Jul 22, 2013

The Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce is reaching out to area businesses ahead of  President Obama’s visit to Knox College on Wednesday.

The focus of the speech is expected to be the economy.

The Chamber sent out a two question survey asking businesses both what the main questions they had for the president, and the top things they would want to communicate to the president.

Chamber Director Steven Brody said the organization has issued similar surveys about important issues such as the Governor’s plan to increase the minimum wage, but he said Obama’s visit is different.

"I mean when you have the President of the United States coming to your back yard, that's a big thing." Brody said.

Brody said the Chamber has received dozens of results, with the most popular questions being on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and concerns on infrastructure.

He said that the survey is still open for responses and will remain open until sometime Tuesday.

Brody added that he has not asked the White House for a way to present the survey results to the President, but he is exploring the options to do so.

The President is expected to speak at 11:50 am Wednesday at Knox's Memorial Gym.