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Galesburg Storm Water Fee Delayed

Nov 25, 2014

The city of Galesburg will not implement a new storm water utility fee in the near future.

Concerns about the fee were discussed at a special City Council meeting this week. Those concerns included how much businesses would have to pay, when the fee would be implemented, and the amount of the fee.

Galesburg aldermen favor developing a master plan to determine what work needs to be done.
Credit T.J. Carson

Aldermen ultimately decided against implementing the fee for next year’s budget.  They want to see what work needs to be done on the storm water system and how much it might cost.

The decision leaves the city with a deficit of around $433,580 for the budget year that begins January 1.

City Manager Todd Thompson said the city will have to make cuts to the budget to make up the shortfall.

“We’ve cut a lot of non-personnel expenses out of the budget last year, for the first time we laid some folks off.  Unfortunately, I think we’re going to have to look hard at eliminating additional positions (and) perhaps ending some recreation programs, as well as deferring other items such as equipment replacement,” Thompson said.

Thompson said it is possible the fee could still be approved, but he plans on working with the city council to make cuts to the budget.

He added the storm water utility system is still in need of work.

“I think there’s a general consensus that the storm water is an infrastructure problem that needs to be addressed in the community.  And I think there’s an openness to having a continued dialogue how best to do that,” Thompson said.