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Getting Ready for the Next Election

Nov 12, 2014

Even before voters headed to the polls for last week's mid-term elections, preparations were already underway for the only elections to be held in Illinois next year.

The municipal elections will feature contests for city council seats, school board positions, and many smaller units of local government.  Voters might not be ready to think about the elections but county clerks and elections commissions are focused on them.

Candidates can pick up and file nominating petitions at offices like this one in Galesburg, and voters can register there.
Credit T.J. Carson

“The Board of Election Commissioners prepared the packets for the 2015 consolidated candidates back in September," said Lisa Watson, Executive Director of the Galesburg Board of Election Commissioners. 

"So we’ve been working on the 2015 election a couple months already."

Watson said her office will sometimes work on two or three elections at a time.

In addition to age and residency requirements for candidates, she said there’s a new one this year regarding unpaid bills.

“Individuals can’t owe any taxes to the city or the State Board of Elections and be on the ballot,” Watson said.

The municipal elections will take place in Illinois on April  7, 2015, The filing period for candidates is December 15 - 22, 2014.