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Glenwood Pool Repairs Nearly Complete

Jun 6, 2017

Only two hurdles remain before Macomb’s public swimming pool can open for the summer. Glenwood Pool must still be filled with water and it must pass a state inspection before the city and the Macomb Park District can schedule the opening day.

After an early spring inspection of Glenwood Pool revealed structural problems, there were concerns about whether the repairs would be too costly and too time-consuming to open the pool this summer.

But the city and the park district chose to move ahead with the necessary repairs in an attempt to keep the pool operational for at least a few more years. The city owns the pool while the park district manages it, but the park district has announced that it wants to pull out of the partnership after this season.

The two entities currently split the bill for caulking the pool deck to prevent leaks, strengthening support beams underneath the deck, repairing the pool’s chemical room and installing a new pump.

The city also found, while making the repairs, that one of the transformers that powers the pool had been struck by lightning. Ameren has since repaired and replaced it.

The city’s interim Public Works Director, Kent Cox, told the Macomb City Council Monday night that the work is almost complete. “It’s been kind of seamless and normal opening procedures,” Cox said.

“It kind of fits the nature of any of our projects. Once we have the plan for what needs to be done, then getting that executed doesn’t tend to take a lot of time. More of the time is involved in planning and preparation and meeting all the guidelines.”

Cox said now that the repairs are complete, the next step is to fill the pool. He said while that should not create any additional problems, the process has, in the past, resulted in broken pipes and equipment failures.

The Park District’s Executive Director Rachel Lenz said the city is working hard to bring the pool up to code and she is optimistic about its future. Currently, the park district is hiring lifeguards for the summer. Eligible applicants should be at least 16 years old and have their lifeguard certification.

The final inspection by the Illinois Department of Public Health could occur as early as this week. Once that occurs, the opening day for Glenwood Pool can be scheduled.