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Grand Avenue more than Concrete

Mar 26, 2013

The upcoming Grand Avenue project in Keokuk will involve more than just pouring concrete.

The city has hired Shipley Contracting out of Burlington to handle the rebuilding of the street, from Rand Park to the Sutton Park turn-around.

Public Works Director Mark Bousselot says the $3.4-million dollar contract also includes the replacing of sidewalks and driveway entrances and the laying of new, separated sewer lines.

A let-down structure will also be built, by a yet-to-be determined contractor, at the intersection of 9th Street and Grand Avenue to run storm-water down the bluff and below railroad tracks.

Keokuk Waterworks is also involved in the project as the organization plans to relocate the water main currently beneath the street to the western side of Grand Avenue.

President Bill Cole says the organization is acting now to take advantage of the street being torn apart and to avoid damaging it in the future.

He says the homes on the river side of Grand Avenue will be connected as Shipley Contracting tears out the street.

Cole says Keokuk Waterworks has hired Lewis Excavating and Septic out of Keokuk to do the work for about $250,000.

The Grand Avenue Reconstruction is expected to get underway next month.