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Growing Food Up on the Roof

Jun 13, 2013

The farm roots for Monica Johnson, 36, are in Moundville, Mo., a 124-person town near the Missouri-Kansas border. Although she grew up in Missouri’s capitol, Jefferson City, her father Sherril was raised on the family farm, which consisted of a small herd of cattle, 600 acres of soybeans, wheat and corn and 200 acres of timber.

Monica Johnson in the rooftop garden in Brooklyn
Credit Abbie Fentress Swanson

The farm is no longer in the family; it was sold in the 1990s because it was no longer profitable.

Johnson now maintains Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in New York City. She’s also sold produce at the farmers market for upstate New York farms, written articles on raw milk and genetically-engineered salmon for the online journal Food Politic, and even got a degree that focused on Food Studies at The New School.

Johnson shares her story in the second installment of this year’s My Farm Roots series from Harvest Public Media.

Here is a link to her story on the Harvest Public Media website, which also includes links to other stories from the series.