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Independent PACs Free to Spend in Illinois

Mar 14, 2012

A federal judge struck down part of Illinois' campaign finance law.

Judge Marvin Aspen said Illinois cannot enforce contribution limits on independent political action committees. Aspen issued his ruling on March 13.

The abortion-rights group Personal PAC brought the case. President Terry Cosgrove said out-of state groups such as Wisconsin Right to Life can already raise and spend unlimited amounts of money.

"The playing field is now level, and we are very happy that we will be allowed to raise the necessary funds to advocate for reproductive rights in Illinois," Cosgrove said.

The ruling only applies to "independent" PACs, which are prohibited from coordinating with candidates or political parties.

Critics said the ruling could open the way for Super PACs in Illinois. At the national level, Super PACs have become notorious for flowing millions of dollars into the presidential contest.

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