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Iron Orchard releases new album

Feb 17, 2014

The members of the Macomb-based band “Iron Orchard” describe themselves as middle-aged guys with day jobs that play because they love it.

But the band has started to have some success, playing around the Midwest and releasing their second CD, “For Amusement Only”.

If you think back to the 70's when John Prine and the Marshall Tucker Band were popular, it's that style of music that we play.

The band includes guitarist and vocalist Bill Harroun, who is also the host of “Folk Weekend” on Tri States Public Radio, and John Gorlewski on lead guitar, pedal steel and vocals. 

They both say one of the more difficult questions to answer is “What kind of music do you play?”

“The safest term is probably ‘County Rock’, but not in the style that has been popular for the past 30 years or so,” said Gorlewski.  “If you think back to the 70’s when John Prine and the Marshall Tucker Band were popular, it’s that style of music that we play.” 

Gorlewski also coined the term “Twangrock” to describe the band.

Harroun says it is a little bit of a challenge to sell the genre, as it is not well known to all people.  “But the people who do know it, do seem to like us.  So I think in that aspect we must be doing something right,” said Harroun.  “And other people, once they hear it, also seem to enjoy it”.

Iron Orchard in the vintage vinyl store "Bad Kitty Music" promoting their new release "For Amusement Only".
Credit Bill Harroun

Their new release includes twelve original songs including “Keithsburg 6” about a common drag race strip near Harroun’s boyhood home in Mercer County, and “Crooked,” a song about a barn that Gorlewski hopes will have other meanings to audiences.

Upcoming shows for “Iron Orchard” include 2/22 at Rick’s Smokehouse in Monmouth, 3/29 at The Café in Macomb, 4/5 at Guitars and Cadillac’s Saloon in Springfield and 5/25 at Schlafly Bottleworks in St. Louis.