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Journalism: Long Hours, Low Pay

Jul 30, 2019

The Columbia Journalism Review shared a story about Jon Kelvey.  He’s a 37-year old reporter who works at the Carroll County Times. It’s a small daily newspaper owned by Tribune Publishing Company. The paper is based in Westminster, Maryland.

The CJR reported that Kelvey has a wife and a young daughter, and is the family’s sole breadwinner. His annual salary is $36,500.

The difference between his wage and the cost of living means Kelvey must use the same community food banks that he has often been called on to write about.

It should be noted that Tribune Publishing recently announced a $56 million payout for its shareholders.  The Shop Talk panelists said it appears trickle-down economics is not happening in the world of journalism.

The panelists also discuss the low pay often offered for entry-level jobs in journalism, whether it be in the newspaper or broadcasting industries.

Shop Talk is a weekly panel discussion about journalism issues.  This week’s program featured Will Buss, who teaches in the Department of Broadcasting and Journalism at Western Illinois University and advises the student editors at the Western Courier; Patrick Johnson, who teaches in the Department of Broadcasting and Journalism at WIU and advises Western’s student radio station WIUS/The Dog; and TSPR News Director Rich Egger.