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Keokuk Seeks Compensation

Mar 16, 2012

Several members of the Keokuk City Council are looking for some compensation for its generosity in regards to a new ordinance.

The panel has approved the first reading of an ordinance providing a special encroachment for Roquette America.

The company would be able to build its own road on an unused portion of Railroad Street between “F” Street and “H” Street once the ordinance is approved.

Aldermen Mike O’Connor (Ward 1), Michael Moore (Ward 2) and John Helenthal (At Large) each said they had been receiving calls from constituents who feel the city gives too much to Roquette.

They used the workshop prior to the regular city council meeting to ask whether the city would be compensated for the encroachment.

Mayor Tom Marion says he cannot get into the details.

“I can’t into it because it would have ramifications from a money standpoint,” says Marion, “but we are working with them on a pretty good payout on that.”

When the time came for the first vote on the ordinance, there was no discussion before the reading was unanimously approved.  Several members did noticeably pause, though, before saying yes in an effort to show their displeasure.

The encroachment must still be approved two more times.