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Keokuk to Upgrade Sewer Plant

Mar 5, 2013

Keokuk’s mayor says it makes financial sense to repair the city’s wastewater treatment plant, compared to replacing the facility.

Tom Marion says the city plans to put nearly $6-million into the plant over the next three years.

He says the money will be used to update machinery and laboratory equipment.

“I think these are things that are not just (bandages),” says Marion, “they can improve the abilities.  We are also going to work on some of the deep wells.  We have two extras so we could start using them.”

Marion says a new wastewater treatment plant would cost Keokuk $20-million.

Plant Superintendent Chuck Pietscher says design work will get underway soon.  He says construction is slated to get underway next year.


Keokuk is proceeding with plans to rebuild about twelve blocks of Grand Avenue from Triangle Park to Rand Park.

The city will accept bids through Monday, March 18 and hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 21.

The city council is expected to award the contract following the public hearing.

Keokuk will borrow the money for the project, which could carry a price tag of more than $3-million.