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Kimberly Ransdell: Promote Life Skills

Sep 3, 2013

Kimberly Ransdell says she entered the race for three seats on the Fort Madison School Board because she wants to get more involved in the community.

Fort Madison School Board Candidate Kimberly Ransdell
Credit Kimberly Ransdell

She is one of seven people to file the paperwork required to serve.

Ransdell says she wants to see changes made throughout the district, based on what she has seen as a parent of three children growing up in Fort Madison.

She says it starts with the district teaching drivers' education, as opposed to hiring a private firm to handle it.

"There are a lot of parents who cannot afford the contract for drivers' education," says Ransdell.

She says she also wants the district to develop a personal finances course that could even evolve into a life-skills course.

"I think it should be mandatory that all of our children learn about our credit and credit scores," says Ransdell.  "When our children leave, they go off to college and they know nothing about credit."

Ransdell says she also supports the idea of creating a preschool program.

She says if elected, she would be approachable and willing to listen to all ideas.

Ransdell says she would bring integrity, loyalty and legal knowledge to the Fort Madison School Board.