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Lee County Audit Released

Apr 24, 2013

Lee County’s latest audit reveals a few activities the state wants the county to resolve.

Lee County Board of Supervisors

The 87 page document from the state auditor’s office, which is available here, covers the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2012.

Eight specific concerns are raised including the conducting of business with relatives of county employees.

The audit reveals that Lee County paid about $13,000 to relatives of four employees.  The list includes a daughter of Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman Ernie Schiller for weed eradication.

In response, the Board said it would require at least three bids for supplies and services to prevent preferences to relatives and to bid for weed eradication each year.

Concerns were also raised about Lee County investing $75,000 in IO-Mega in exchange for nearly 2% ownership in the business start-up.

The state says the ownership interest, which was passed along to the foundation for the Lee County Health Department, is not an allowable investment of county funds.

The county says it will look into the issue.