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Lee County Backs Citizen Committee

Apr 22, 2014

The Lee County Board of Supervisors is giving a boost to a newly-formed citizen committee.

Much of the talk about Lee County Government involves removing drivers' license services from the courthouse in Keokuk.

The board voted 3-2 in favor of a three-page resolution that officially recognizes the committee.

Mary Van Pelt of Montrose organized it following the taxpayer forum she coordinated in March.

The nine-member panel, including Van Pelt, will look into where county services should be offered.

The resolution gives the committee access to county office space when needed.  It also provides access to department heads for information as available.

Board Chairman Ernie Schiller says the committee needs the backing of Lee County.

“That group then has some parameters to take a look, deeply, at Lee County to try to figure out what it is we should be doing in Lee County, once and for all."

Vice Chairman Matt Pflug says the county should not have gotten involved.

“I don’t want to commit any future boards.  I also felt it maybe ties the group’s hands somewhat.”

Pflug is referring to how the resolution, which was written by Lee County Mike Short, addresses Iowa's open meeting laws. 

I do not want to commit any future boards. I also felt it maybe ties the group's hands somewhat. - Matt Pflug

It encourages the committee to publicize its meetings, out requiring it.

Organizer Mary Van Pelt says she plans to publicize the meetings, with the first tentatively scheduled for next week.

It currently includes Van Pelt, District Court Judge John Wright and former Lee County Supervisors Bob Woodruff and Larry Kruse.