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Leibovitz Art Exhibit in Central Illinois

Feb 12, 2014

An exhibit of photographs by Annie Leibovitz is on display for the next six months in Springfield.

The Vanity Fair and Vogue photographer usually captures actors and rock stars.

Annie Leibovitz looks at photos from her exhibit at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield. At left are photos of the hat and gloves Lincoln had with him the night he was assassinated.
Credit Amanda Vinicky/Illinois Public Radio

But the Pilgrimage exhibit shows no people. Leibovitz said she wanted to photograph places and objects that have inspired her.

“I wrote down a list of places that meant something,” said Leibovitz. “I didn’t have any rhyme or reason. I think I was looking for a kind of break from my day to day assignment work, and looking to see what I still had in me.”

Included are photos of Emily Dickinson’s dress, Abraham Lincoln’s hat and gloves, and the Farnsworth House in Plano, Illinois.

The exhibit is open through August at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.