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Macomb Road Repair Tied to Construction of New Middle School

Apr 11, 2019

The Macomb School District plans to build a middle school just south of the high school, so the city will make improvements to one of the streets leading to the new school.

“The tentative plan is to have (the school) complete by the Fall of 2021. With that, we’re going to have increased usage of South Johnson Street,” Public Works Director Scott Coker told the city council, adding the plan is to improve the intersection of South Johnson Street and Grant Street and proceed south on Johnson to Harmony Lane.

“We would plan to put curb and gutter, storm sewer, replace the water main that’s under the street, and put a three-lane road – two lanes plus a center turn lane – that whole distance. So we would have a safer area for our kids.”

He also said the city plans to build an eight-foot wide sidewalk on the east side of South Johnson Street.

The work will begin once construction of the new middle school is complete. Coker said that way the heavy trucks used in construction of the school won’t be driving on and potentially damaging a brand new street.

Coker said the South Johnson Street project will cost around $3 million. He said some of the money will come from the state and the rest will come from the city’s one-cent sales tax for infrastructure projects.

The city initially planned to make improvements to Candy Lane in 2022 or 2023 but will push back that project because it cannot afford to do both South Johnson and Candy Lane at the same time.

“We’re looking probably at 2026 or ’28 even for Candy Lane. It’s a long street. It’s probably a $4 million project,” Coker said, adding it is “not in terrible condition,” though it’s a heavily traveled street and could use some work.

“The school changed our priorities,” he said.

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