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Macomb Wants to Re-energize Summer Festival

Jan 30, 2012

Macomb's mayor hopes the city can “reinvigorate” its annual Heritage Days celebration.

Heritage Days is held the final weekend of June. It typically begins on Thursday at 5:00pm and concludes on Sunday morning with the fly-in and pancake breakfast at the airport.

Mayor Mike Inman said the Heritage Days committee is considering whether to extend the festival to include more activities on Sunday.

“The fly-in and pancake day out at the airport draws so many good people into Macomb but after that event is over those folks are left with nothing to do,” Inman said. “I think they (the committee members) realize that they should be taking advantage of that captive audience and I think their intention is to provide entertainment and programming through the afternoon on Sunday.”

Inman said he can recall a time when the Heritage Days included a full schedule of events on Sunday.

“I can remember participating in one particular event,” Inman said. “There was a cow chip throwing contest on Sunday afternoons on Sherman Hall's front lawn, which drew quite a few people.

“If anybody doesn't know what cow chip throwing involves, I can let them know,” he added with a laugh.

In recent years most of the weekend's activities have taken place in and near Chandler Park, and Inman would like to bring more local businesses and artisans into the park during Heritage Days. He said they could capitalize on the many high school and family reunions that are now held to coincide with Heritage Days.