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Money Coming for Southeast Iowa Projects

Jul 31, 2014

Several construction projects in southeast Iowa will receive some federal funding, though the check is not in the mail.

The SEIRPC will steer federal funding towards a new trail near Edward Stone Middle School in Burlington.

The money is distributed by the Iowa Department of Transportation to the 18 regional planning commissions in the state.  This allows for more local input on transportation-related decisions.

It works out to about $3-million annually for projects selected by the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission. 

The selection process is competitive, with scores based on categories like economic impact and safety improvements.

The commission's oversight board has chosen four new projects.

  • $695,200 - Fort Madison - Rebuild old Highway 61 (2nd - 6th Streets)
  • $424,000 - Mt. Pleasant - Rebuild South Main Street (South Street to Washington) & Jefferson Street (Washington to Madison)
  • $1,490,000 - Des Moines County - Resurface 4.5 miles of Beaverdale Road and Mediapolis Road.
  • $233,688 - Burlington - Extended Trail near Edward Stone Middle School.

Regional Planner Zach James says they won’t be funded right away as the money will not come from Washington D.C. until October 2017.

He says this provides additional time for local governments to gather resources for the project.

James says money will soon arrive for projects approved in the summer of 2011.  The list includes improvements to Iris Road in Mt. Pleasant and three blocks of Avenue E in Fort Madison.