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Money in Place for Macomb Water Project

Jan 23, 2012

It took a while but Macomb will finally receive money for a much-needed project on the city's northeast side.

Mayor Mike Inman said the city applied about a year ago for a Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) grant to finish a water main project along East Carroll Street. He said the state has notified the city that the more than $300,000 grant has been awarded.

Inman said people generally don't give much thought to water main projects until there is an issue with their service.

“We understand that most people see how our roadways are and forget that often times there is a significant part of our utility infrastructure costs underneath the road in water and sewer,” Inman said.

The mayor said the city will replace 6,800 linear feet of cast iron pipes that he considered to be well beyond their life expectancy.

He hoped the upgrade can be completed this year. He said the project will provide new service to 68 people.

Inman said the city will seek another grant for a similar project in the northwest part of town.