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Monmouth Organization Preparing for Big Moves

Feb 26, 2015

A group that serves the mentally disabled in Warren County is looking to make big changes in the near future.

Warren Achievement Facility has already made its debut of a new logo that emphasizes the word "Achievement" more.

Marketing Coordinator Sean Cavanaugh said the logo reflects the mission of the organization. 

“Because the people that we serve are very important and the most deserving in our community. And we want to enable them to work towards achieving. Whether it be life skills or providing a job in the community, or the residential and so forth,” Cavanaugh said.

Leaders at Warren Achievement Center are using the new logo as an opportunity to reintroduce themselves to the community. President Rick Barnhill said that’s a starting point to begin discussions of a capital campaign for the organization.

He said the main target of the campaign would be to figure out what to do with their building on S. Main St.

“We’re going to raise funds to either remodel that building or possibly look at a new building,” Barnhill. The building is nearly 50 years old.