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Monmouth Plans Improvements for Citizen's Lake

Jul 8, 2014

Monmouth will know by the end of the year if it has received a $400,000 state grant.

Citzen's lake
Credit TSPR's Emily Boyer

The money would go toward new playground equipment, a handicap accessible fishing pier and bathroom.

It would also cover the cost of 10 more trailer and RV camp sites outfitted with water, sewer and electricity.

Monmouth's Executive Administrative Assistant Jan Helms says the city would only need to chip in 10 percent for the project, $40,000.

“It’s a quality of life thing for our residents as well as our guests and visitors," Helms said. "We would like to make it better and we try to do continuous improvement out there with a small budget.”

Helms says the city is still raising its share of the cost. Monmouth applied for the same grant five years ago and was denied.