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Monmouth Will Replace Troublesome Water Main

Apr 12, 2012

Monmouth will disrupt traffic downtown for about six weeks while it  replaces an old water main.

The work will take place near the southeast corner of the town square. It will involve two-and-a-half blocks of blocks of South First Street and a block of First Avenue.

City Administrator Eric Hanson said the city has repaired leaks in the main many times. He said the renovations of several nearby buildings prompted the project.

He said, “Part of it is to support redevelopment of properties that need sprinkler systems so we have an issue of safety and of getting adequate water supply to support those systems.

The project should also end those frequent repairs to the current water main. Once the main is replaced, the city will resurface the affected streets.

Hanson said the project will begin in May. The work will be done in stages to minimize the disruption.
Hanson does not have an estimate of the cost yet. He said the city do the project in-house to save money.