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Native Soil Brought To Keokuk National Cemetery

Jan 26, 2012

The  Keokuk National Cemetery is the final resting place for more than  600 Union and Confederate soldiers.

Most of the soldiers  were from Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri.

A total of 17 states  are represented in the cemetery, though, including Ohio, Alabama,  and Texas.

A  special ceremony was held to bring those soldiers "home."

Soil  was collected from all 17 states. It was spread on the graves so  soldiers could be buried under their native soil.

Not every  Civil War Veteran buried in the Keokuk National Cemetery had the  soil of their home state spread over his grave.

A special  wreath was presented to honor the unknown soldiers.

Those  in attendance wanted to make sure the sacrifice made by all of the  men would not be forgotten.

You can hear an audio postcard  from the event by clicking the link above.