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New Rules for Selling Guns in Illinois

Jan 2, 2014

The concealed carry system isn't the only new gun law in Illinois for 2014.  There are new restrictions on how private citizens can sell firearms.

Illinois State Police Colonel Marc Maton said the seller must now check on the status of the buyer's Firearm Owners' Identification, or FOID card.

“Any person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer, and who is planning to sell a firearm to a person who is also not a federally licensed firearms dealer, must contact the Illinois State Police with the purchasers's FOID card, and determine the validity of the FOID card before selling or transferring the firearm,” Maton said. 

The law also imposes a waiting period on private gun sales: one day for a rifle or shotgun; three days for a handgun.

And gun owners are now required to report lost or stolen firearms to police.

A private firearm transaction approval number can be requested 24/7 from the Illinois State Police preferably through the ISP website or by calling (217) 524-3847 during normal business hours.