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No Questions Off-Limits for News Conferences

Mar 22, 2016

An article from The Poynter Institute said USA Today sports reporter Lindsay Jones was subjected to sexist, violent, and otherwise hateful emails and tweets after she asked a tough question during NFL quarterback Peyton Manning’s retirement news conference.  Jones inquired about sexual harassment allegations against Manning that recently resurfaced and date to his college days. 

Shop Talk panelist Jonathan Ahl found the comments depressing and horrible, and panelist Jasmine Crighton also criticized those who made awful comments to and about Jones.

Panelist Rich Egger asked the others whether a retirement news conference was an appropriate time to pose such a question.  Ahl and Crighton both found nothing wrong with the question.

Ahl said people in the public eye should not agree to meet with the media if they’re not willing to answer questions about anything.  Crighton said the media was invited to attend and ask questions, so everything was fair game.

Egger said he wouldn’t want to attend a news conference at which certain questions were off-limits.  And Ahl pointed out Jones simply did what a good reporter is supposed to do – ask questions about issues that might be of interest to the audience.