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Portions of Historic Galesburg Tree To Be Sold

Oct 26, 2016

The city of Galesburg will sell wood from a tree felled by a summer storm.  But this isn't just any old tree -- it's a tree that was older than the city itself.  

The Burr Oak tree was located along Lake Storey Rd.  Parks and Recreation Director Tony Oligney-Estill said the city counted the tree's rings to determine it was close to 200 years old.  Oligney-Estill said the iconic Burr Oak was one of the largest trees in the city and one of the oldest in western Illinois. 

People will be able to buy parts of it beginning at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, October 29 at the Armory. Planks measuring 8 feet by 2.5 feet will be sold for $350, while planks measuring 8 feet by 4 feet will go for $500. Circular portions measuring 4 to 5 feet will be sold for $100, and circular portions of 1 to 2 feet for $20. Branches from the tree will be sold for a dollar per foot. 

Oligney-Estill said portions of the tree were given to educators and educational groups in the area. In addition, one circular slab will be on display in City Hall.

"We're actually going to dry and stain and try to work with the Historical Society here in town to actually map out the significant events of Galesburg on that tree," Oligney-Estill said.

Oligney-Estill said it cost around $1500 to cut up the tree, and the sale of slabs will help offset that cost. He said the city will take cash and checks.