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Race for Illinois Treasurer Remains Undecided

Nov 11, 2014

There are still thousands of votes yet to be counted in the race for Illinois State Treasurer.

The contest between Republican Tom Cross and Democrat Mike Frerichs is shaping up to be the closest in Illinois history. Currently, Cross holds a 500 vote lead over Frerichs -- one one-thousandth of a percentage point, and still too close to call.

Mike Frerichs (left) and Tom Cross
Credit Peoria Public Radio

But Cross' campaign alleges some voters who cast provisional ballots voted more than once. Cross' campaign manager Kevin Artl says his team saw the same names coming up twice in lists provided by the Cook County Clerk's office.

"And that's just one small sample. As we get more data, we'll do more investigative comparing to early voting.  It was concerning to us and we took it to David Orr's office and we told them we want to work with them to correct the problem," Artl said.

But Cook County Clerk David Orr says the Cross campaign is "confused" -- and says that allegation is "irresponsible."

Dozens of volunteers from both campaigns have been keeping a careful watch over election officials for the last week.

Ballots from suburban Cook County must be counted by November 18.

Meanwhile, there are still hundreds of votes being counted downstate.