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Recycling Effort Gets Books Back Into Community

Aug 5, 2014

A free book rack at the Macomb Amtrak station has been providing reading material to travelers for 10 years.

Free Book Rack at Macomb Amtrak Station
Credit TSPR's Emily Boyer

The rack is restocked by volunteers every week ahead of the weekend rush. It’s an eclectic group of about 80 titles.

Arlene Harhen with the Friends of the Macomb Library said all of the books were donated.

“The library takes their first pick; say they have a paperback of a top seller and they want to have four copies," Harhen said. "And then when they are done with it they give it back to the friends. I think we have probably sold some of these books two or three times.”

She said that's because books are often given back to the library and the cycle repeats.

Though the free book rack is located at the Amtrak station, Harhen said people don’t have to be traveling to use it.